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Meet Teresa

I hope you will take a moment and allow me to share some things I would love for you to know about me. My love for architecture, (interior and exterior) design, and beautiful homes in general, began early as a child for me. I would re-design floor plans, choose paint colors, and even choose furnishings from my grandmother’s Sears & Roebuck and JC Penny catalogs for my make believe dream homes.

As a young girl, growing up I somehow knew my life was destined not only for design, but also somehow for beautiful homes and properties. And DETAIL! I didn’t have an opportunity to further my education after high school, (my dad would often tell me there’s nothing better than the School of Hard Knocks), so I dove into life headfirst, and the journey along the way began to fit together like a puzzle. Isn’t it funny how life often chooses us, instead of what we choose. Over my lifetime I have discovered we sometimes take the long way around to get where we are going. But It’s not about how we get there, just that we arrive! Seems even better if we are a little skinned and tarnished. My life of design, beautiful homes and properties, seems to have come full circle. Starting with only dreams and passion.

After graduating high school, my biggest accomplishment in life will always be raising my two beautiful children. I was so fortunate and blessed to be their mother! At the young age of 20, my first was born with Downs Syndrome. With limited local support, I found myself overwhelmed with advice and also fear! I learned early that determination and constant accountability is key in everything we do. I was determined to prove all the developmental issues I had been warned about, untrue. And I did! Three years later, I was blessed again with a son that was born into a life already consumed with speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, swim lessons, dance lessons, doctor appointments, and tireless evaluation’s (to tell me about all the things I was doing wrong). Life with my son was completely opposite. A highly energetic kid, extremely gifted; with a huge heart. Then, basketball- baseball – football- soccer – practices galore, swim lessons, golf lessons, on top of the normal for me with a special needs daughter. Happy to say, they both thrived, and so did I! I worked so hard in hopes that years later they would look back on their childhood and remember not only the hard work, but the fun when had also. My daughter Bridget, now a beautiful, energetic 37 year old who loves life to the fullest! (And can read like a charm), (And can cook an incredible meal). Time has a way of showing us that the beauty in life can sometime begin with the unknown. My son Barron, now 34, just finishing up pediatric residency, is now beginning a fellowship in pediatric cardiology. His crazy younger years in a christian home of constant chaos and unconditional love, brought him not only kindness, compassion and patience, but also an appreciation for the little things most take for granite. His God given talents. He now has a beautiful wife Morgan, and has given me the best gift of life. My beautiful Grand Daughter, Rowan! Along the way of raising my children, and a beginning career in banking, I discovered my desire for entrepreneurship. I had big dreams of my own! When my children were still very young, I successfully owned and operated a retail clothing store for ten years, The Clothes Hanger. All along making my children top priority. During this time, my love of homes was becoming more and more obvious. Shortly after closing the store, I decided to pursue my dream. I became a licensed realtor in the 90’s and in 2000, I successfully owned and operated a real estate firm, Premier Mountain Properties, for almost 20 years (selling hundreds of homes)! In 2017, I decided to merge Premier with a large firm in Asheville, Beverly Hanks. It was a wonderful opportunity to merge with such a terrific company. They are wonderful folks and I have nothing but the best to say about them! Earlier in 2015, I had opened a retail home furnishings shop in Burnsville, Digs Home. While still selling real estate, I also had several jobs designing homes. I think after owning my own business’s for so many years, the entrepreneur inside me continues to thrive. I have so much passion when working with homes and property, and I feel it all fits together sort of like a marriage. In 2020, I decided to once again pursue entrepreneurship, this time combining real estate, (mountain properties, homes, commercial properties), beautiful homes, home furnishings, and home design. I feel these all intermingle and are essential to each others survival. How do you have one without the other… I recently purchased a one hundred year old building on Town Square, (between Attorney Bailey and Java Cafe), that will soon become my new business home.

In my downtime, when I am not working, you will find me curled up in my favorite chair at home with a favorite home magazine, or the latest Rizzoli release of a new featured designer. Spending time with my husband Steve, my entire family, and of course our fur baby- Bella (you will find her with me most days) is still top priority. We all love exploring our beautiful mountains, rivers, hiking trails, golf courses, watching football, traveling, and all that Burnsville has to offer together as a family. Of course there are
also the trips to Charleston, SC to enjoy RO! I am so blessed! And also So very Lucky!

At the newly formed, Teresa B. Brown Real Estate; I am dedicated to offer clients the most innovative ways of selling and buying homes and properties. I guarantee individual attention with extreme DETAIL to each! I have listed and sold hundreds of homes, and my determination to see it through to closing is my niche. I also feel I am extremely knowledgeable in the Commercial field as I have also listed and sold hundreds of commercial properties in the area. Patience, Determination, and Accountability continue to prove success. I am continuously hard at work learning and searching for the most up-to date and latest trends for selling properties, along with also making them beautiful. Throughout my real estate life, I have learned so much. Experience brings about a level of Confidence, and also Expertise! I feel sometimes realtors and larger companies, might take on too many clients. Sometimes I think clients just get lost in the shuffle and become a number. One of the biggest complaints I use to hear as a broker/owner was that the realtor was not communicating in a timely fashion, and wasn’t staying in touch at all. That will be one thing I focus on without a doubt. I hope you will allow me to prove to you what I can do for you! My local connections run deep, and my reputation speaks for itself. I can connect you with the best in all fields, from appraisers, mortgage officers, attorneys, surveyors, home inspectors – to contractors, plumbers, electricians, yard maintenance – to even a new sofa or light fixture, you name it. Let me be your source! I think April of 2020, will be a forever moment in history that will change the world and the way we all conduct business. Also in the way we live. Now more than ever our homes have become our sanctuary’s. They are not only for protection and shelter, but for our well being, for building memories and just living life! Having a home we can call our own, is one of the most rewarding and beneficial blessings in life! I would love to help make it a reality.

Feel free to ask around and anyone will tell you my hard work ethic, integrity, honesty and ethical standards are more important to me than anything! These things that werei nstilled in me as a young girl, I take with me and live everyday!



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