I am always amazed that so many people feel interior design is out of their budget. I love what I do, and for the first time in my life, I feel I am really good at something. I think the things we love the most, are definitely what we succeed at! I hope to share a few inexpensive tips, so I can prove to you, that I am a great investment for your home and most of all, for your well being! Its proven that if we feel good in our space/home, it promotes a higher level of serotonin to our brains, and gives us that ah-ha moment! I hope you will find these tips helpful, achievable and so loved. Most of all, I hope that eventually you might feel the need to reach out to me for extra help in your home on occasions!

1st TIP — Access everything in your home, and if you don’t love it, Get rid of it! Habitat for Humanity is always so thankful for anything you can take to them. Its such a great feeling to pass on something from our homes that have brought us pleasure and that have served there purpose, but now we just don’t seem to love anymore. Get it out!!! Pay in forward! Edit your home, just like you would edit a paper you are writing, is essential! Then, as you are replacing, buy only the things you love!

2nd TIP — Get that natural light In! If you have shades or curtains covering your windows, re-evaluate them. Consider hanging shades or rods above the windows all the way to the ceiling! This also makes your room look taller! I like to extend my rods a little beyond the window, maybe six to 8 inches. This way when my curtains are open, ALL that natural light just pours thru the windows. I do think most rooms need curtains! It adds another level of layering, which all rooms need. It’s also like adding a little jewelry to our outfits, curtains are the jewelry for our rooms! Keep this in mind, and you can still enjoy all that natural light, while also having a beautiful room!

3rd TIP — Evaluate one room at a time, and see if you have not only a good balance, but also a combination of opposites, Remember, opposites attract! I love using an old antique table, maybe from a yard sale, consignment shop, or from my grandmothers basement! Then place a Gold Guilt Mirror, with it. It will be amazing! Also, toss in some of tarnished silver pieces from your grandmothers cupboard, provides tons of tone and texture! Mix up the new with the old, the shiny with the dull, and the rough with smooth finishes. It will ground your room in the nicest way!

4th TIP — Try adding some really bold, large patterned wall paper in a half bath if you have one. Large print and busy paper looks amazing on all the walls in a small space. I love using something for this room, bathed in nature. This is where you can go a little crazy and the more you add, the better it gets! Its not a good idea to try this in other rooms. Stick with a small half bath.

5th TIP — Adding fresh flowers and live plants in about your home will bring you so much pleasure! Those live plants also provide much needed oxygen essential for our well being. I’m always bringing in things from nature! Rocks I collect on a walk, moss, and most of all, I love bringing in a big limb with leaves from a tree nearby, and placing it in a big vase. Find one your Mom’s old vases, an old coffee cup, or even an old tarnished sterling tea pitcher, add a live plant, and it will look awesome.

6th TIP — Find a wall in your home that is in need of refreshing. Use this as an accent wall and paint it a dark color. Check out Sherwin-Williams, 7069 Iron Ore! Then add an entire wall of your favorite family photos, kids photos, and so forth. Keep Frames consistent with colors, preferably white, if you use a dark color on the wall, Also, Gold frames looks great on dark charcoal walls! Remember an earlier tip, Opposites attract! If you run out of wall space, try grouping lots of photos in frames altogether on a great table!

7th TIP — Pick up a couple of antique pieces for your house! They provide such a unique, one of a kind addition and really seems to ground your room. This doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with them, just one or two pieces will go a long way. It provides that evolved over time concept, and doesn’t look like you did a one stop shop on your entire home furnishings, all at the same time and from the same place.

8th TIP — Consider adding a nice jute, sisal, or seagrass rug in your room. Even if you have carpet, add a nice rug for texture adds that layering effect! It will give your room a completely different feel!

9th TIP — For bedrooms, Mix and Match. Find a bed you love and build around it! Never, never, buy or use a complete bedroom suite! Bedroom suites are a no-go! Consider Mis-matched nightstand, and chests. Although, with all the mis-matching, you will need some balance and symmetry in the room, so opt for a great set of matching lamps. You will love the look and the feel!

10th TIP — Stay with calm natural color palettes for your entire house. Use one color that continues throughout the entire house. Look outside your windows and doors, and check out your surroundings. Pick up a couple of colors from the outside, for accent colors for the inside of your home. If you have a great views outside your windows, bringing those colors in just helps extend the feeling of being outside.

Hope these tips are helpful- if so, email me and let me know! teresabryantbrown@gmail.com

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