White Sheep – Black Sheep

I must say –    Sheep are certainly a conversation piece!  Especially when they are inside the house.  Better yet, my sheep doesn’t require water, or feeding.   I have one white, one black.  They hover right around front and center (as they demand), in the entrance foyer.   I must say, that anyone who enters my home,… Read more »

Real Estate Fundamentals

Best place to start – From the very beginning For all you whom have never used a Realtor, and also for the ones that have never bought or sold a home or property, this is for you! Last week my husbands long time college friend told him he wanted to buy a townhouse.  After listening… Read more »

This is the house that T Built – and Moved

They say we should never write about anything that we don’t know, so, I feel I might know more about moving a house, then maybe anything else! After an emotional divorce, and several moves, I decided I needed not only a home to live in, but also a project.   Boy did I get one.  Being… Read more »

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