White Sheep – Black Sheep

I must say –    Sheep are certainly a conversation piece!  Especially when they are inside the house.  Better yet, my sheep doesn’t require water, or feeding.   I have one white, one black.  They hover right around front and center (as they demand), in the entrance foyer.   I must say, that anyone who enters my home, comments right away!   All positive so far.   I suppose, Sheep aren’t for everyone, but, for me they make me smile.  Being on a 43 acre farm, Sheep just seem to be a must for me.  Although the love for sheep with my busy schedule, lifeless sheep are a must for now.

Bringing just a little bit of nature in your home, goes a long way.  I love designing homes using calming colors from nature that surrounds us.  My indoor sheep, make me feel that I’ve extended my home all the way to the outdoors.   Find something you love, and bring it indoors.   You will find that it soothes your soul.  Nature just has a way of somehow welcoming, calming and enticing us to live our best lives!

So now, go out and hunt some Sheep!

Digs Home and Etc, my studio, can help you find the perfect sheep!

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