It’s All in the Feeling

Oh where to begin!  Is there any way to begin a First Blog? They say it will get easier.  We shall see! 

I am so excited to share some design tips with you.  There will be more to come.  Hope it benefits at least one person.  

More than ever in history, I feel our homes have become not only a shelter (during this shelter

In place order), but our sanity and our refuge.  In our busy, busy lives, we have all finally had an opportunity, and yes I said opportunity, hopefully to spend some time enjoying our homes.  There seems to be more and more information regarding the benefits of how we FEEL in our homes.  I am actually in the process of completing a class that reinforces how we feel in our homes effects our physical and mental being.  If you haven’t heard of the Japanese Shirring Youku, (english translation – ‘forest bathing’) then I insist you check it out.   Also, while you are at it, check out Biophilic Design, (love of nature) along with Chinese Feng Shui, (which we have all heard of), (english translation, wind and water).  Even though they are all different, they all relate to nature in some way.  It has been clearly noted that there are so many positive impacts from connections with nature regarding how we feel in our spaces at home and work.  Being surrounded by nature just seems to make us feel whole and complete.  It helps us to feel calm, reduces stress, blood pressure and heart rate, decreases stress hormones, expedites healing, influences our attitudes, and increases immune function, along with improving our entire health and well being!  We all crave, plus need more peace and balance in our lives!    “Nature provides Harmony and Balance”. 

Bringing even just a little bit of Nature into your home, can create such an inspiring, soothing, ah-ha moment.  As I say so often, “IT’S ALL IN THE FEELING”  Whatever the season, you should always be able to find either a wildflower, a branch of some kind from a tree, a weed, and even in the dead of the winter, a twig from a pine in the forest.  I love bringing in a very large, live single branch into my own home, and have it center stage on my dining table or in my pottery vase in the foyer.   It always gets a compliment and brings a smile not only to my face, but to anyone who is visiting.   Remember, it’s all in the feeling!

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